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Hello & welcome to our website. We are a small but very
professional graphic & web design house that can handle 4/C
print creations
–for small sheet-fed presses all the way up to
large web presses & other offset printing methods– as well as
web related graphics & page layouts. We can handle all types
of desktop publishing requests, on-line publishing, optimized
image creations
for web use, corporate identity materials,
including creating style guides, logo, business card, letterhead
creation, press release photos as well as body pages & will
submit to your media outlet. We are proficient in all the Microsoft
& Adobe products such as PowerPoint presentations, Excel,
Word, Photoshop, Illustrator, Distiller/Reader, FrameMaker &
PageMaker. (And lets not forget QuarkXpress, my favorite, & web-
related programs like GoLive, Dreamweaver, BBEdit, etc.)

We've created fine art for use in the professional world
as well as having lots of fun making computer illustrations.
Professionally, we've sent just about everything to print, from
brochures, to marketing give-aways (like T-shirts, mugs, etc.)
flyers, manuals, technical data sheets, & everything in between.
And, just so you know, we *love* creating fine art print creations
like wood & lino-cuts, silk screens, etching, & aquatint. We also
teach watercolor painting, acrylic/oil painting techniques, silk
painting & drawing
to kids & adults.

We've catered to corporate & non-profit organizations &
pride ourselves on understanding the target audience of each
particular piece we create/manage. We are based in Vermont
specifically in Worcester, Vermont. However,
we do have clients nationally.

Our designs are created for both print & on-line publishing.
We've created advertisements which have been printed in very
well-known engineering magazines such as EEM, EDN, Electronic
& Information Display. We've designed a slew of
corporate communication material for semi-conductor industries,
a hospice organization, an architectural firm, accounting company,
& a large physics institution. It's also been great fun to create logos
for various individuals & companies, CD-ROM covers & silk screen
labels, illustrations for posters, CDs & playbills
. Oh and of course,
there have been many a fun website design project, too. Please do
check us out.

In addition to the creation of these designs, we particularly enjoy
the management of the total job, from gathering quotes for print,
mail-house or other vendors to fluid communication to see that
vendors are working in or under deadlines & that clients are billed
fair-market but competitive prices for services rendered. (We make
sure you get that from us, as well!) In summary, we enjoy managing
projects from their inception to their on-the-street finish.

So come in and stay a while. Enjoy browsing & if you have any
questions or comments, please let them know what they are. If you
would like to have an RFQ for any job you might be considering,
please email us with your contact info & we'll email or call you right
back to set up a meeting to go over your specifications. Also, check
out our educational links page.

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